Unicorn Spa Party DIY Eye Masks

Hi Guys . For today's post I'm sharing easy steps  for making these cute Unicorn Spa mask . I love crafting with my mom and we saw this idea on Pinterest by BirdsParty, but we changed it up a little bit.  We are making these for my very own 8th birthday Spa party in a few days. I think my friends will LOVE IT SO MUCH. 

SUPPLIES : Pink felt, Light blue felt, Black felt and white felt.
Flat elastic maybe like 1/2" wide.  Cut approx 12" long  strips for per mask.
Glue gun with melting glue gun sticks
a big glue stick or glue that you can brush on.
Gold Star confetti

* All supplies can be purchased at AC MOORE, MICHAEL'S, or any craft store. The paper rubber cement that we used was bought at BLICK art supplies.

GET THE TEMPLATE HERE. Use the pattern shapes to cut out the felt pieces.

STEPS 1: Using the Mask pattern , place it on the white felt and cut around it. My mom and I cut 3 layers of felt at a time.

STEP 2: Use the glue and brush it on the horn section.

STEP 3: Sprinkle the gold confetti and lightly press down. Leave to dry
STEP 4: using the Pink felt, Cut out the tiny ears. You need two per mask.
STEP 5: Using the light blue felt, cut out the patten for the hair

STEP 6: Using the black felt, and eyelash pattern, Lay the pattern flat and cut out the eyelash pattern.Remember , you'll need two per mask. Just like the pink ears. My mom and just used the shape of the eyelash then just kinda guessed how chubby we wanted each of the four lashes per eye to be. We used a little scissor since it's easier to get into small cutting sections.

STEP 7: Using your Glue stick or Rubber cement, Start to glue on the patterns on to the white mask.

Repeat steps 1-7 for each mask. When they dry go on to Step 8 below.

STEP 8: Take the second white layer of felt ( this one should be blank) and place it under the top layer.
Step 9: Plug in your glue gun to warm up if you have not done so already and wait a few minutes until the glue is warm enough in the gun.

STEP 9: Grab your 12" piece of flat elastic and Hot glue gun. Glue down the elastic first and press down, then glue around the edge of your mask.Make sure you don't twist the elastic once you get to the other side . You will need to have the elastic glued on both left and right side of the mask.

I hope it wasn't too hard and I hope that you and your friends Like it !


  1. Just so adorable unicorn spa party eye masks. I am totally in love with these wonderful details and will surely be trying out this tutorial. At one of the LA event venues I would be hosting the spa themed baby shower for my cousin so your post has given me really fun DIY vibes for creating the crafts for this bash.

    1. Hello Wenni!

      I just found a comment you made on my blog but I am unclear as to how to respond... If you would like me to reach you please write to me at katkimcee@aol.com. Sorry for the delay in response....


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